The hospital killed / didn't save my mom to harvest her organs

Just because she was on disability doesn’t mean her life was worth nothing more than being a walking organ cooler you monsters.

She didn’t even have her ID on her when they took her to the ER so they couldn’t have even known she was a donor.

I can’t get this thought out of my head


I’m very sorry about your mother. And I’m sorry that you’re having these thoughts.


I got rid of the donor thing after finding this out. Sorry for your loss. You may never know the truth of the situation. It’s best to forgive and try to get better for your moms sake. She loves you.

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Oh man, I’m sorry for your loss @Snail.

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Thank you all. I hope this thought passes soon.

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I don’t think it’s actually what they do with donors. I’m still one.

Couldnt they look her up in a computer without an id?

Sorry for your loss

I’m really sorry you’re missing your mom. The grief never really goes away.

In order to harvest organs, a hospital must go through dozens of extra tests to confirm that a patient is actually braindead, even more tests than they would have to do if they simply declared her dead. What you’re talking about would be highly illegal and easy to prove, from an administrative standpoint. It, quite simply, did not happen. I know this for a fact. They worked as he’d as they could to save your mom, because doctors and nurses would lose their jobs if there was any sign of malpractice or neglect that led to a patient’s death. The regulations are very strict.


Very sorry for your loss @Snail.

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Even though she was an organ donor, I’m pretty sure it’s commonplace to get the family’s consent anyways. If she had no ID, they’d have no way of knowing she was an organ donor, so they literally couldn’t have taken her organs in any legal or ethical sense of the word.

That said, I’m so sorry for your loss. Moms are special, and to lose yours must be devastating. I can only imagine what you’re going through. I also know that a death in the family leads to stress, as well as mental and emotional vulnerability and instability. In fact, some people with no mental illness at all have “mild” grief-induced hallucinations and/or delusions. You having schizophrenia makes this grief induced psychosis a near inevitability for some of us.

Make sure you lean on your support system and treatment team during this time, and know that, though your mom’s death was a tragedy for you, if they really did harvest her organs due to an organ donor card, your mom’s death was a miracle for someone else’s parent, sibling, child, friend, etc. I know that may not feel so great now, but maybe in time, it will make you proud.


I know that’s why I posted in Unusual beliefs

I feel better today.

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I have a donor card that says they don’t have to ask permission from anyone to take what they need.

I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you can find solace in knowing she helped save others.

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Here’s a comic that reminded me of this.

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