The History of the Dumbest Catcall In History

Joe Blarsky was a total loser who hung out at a bar in Milwaukee once yelled a catcall at the prettiest woman on the block. He at the time was the most handsome guy in the area but was lacking in everything else a man needed to have. She accepted his come on due to his looks but was soon disappointed to find he had nothing to him after they slept together. She then left him for a computer geek. So for the rest of his life he used the catcall that once got him lucky on women who ignored him. Since he was the bar’s best customer the establishment paid for his funeral which was attended by all the drunks in town and one old lady who spit on his corpse. She was his daughter of the woman he had met so many years ago who did so just because. And no it didn’t rain that day because I like the rain and don’t want it to be connected to tragedy.


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