The histories of one of my four sticks

It was just a stick used to wave away flies.

It became the bo staff.

And then a measuring tool of all kinds.

And then someone put straw I believe on the bottom and called it a broom. (Used to clean up certain “messes” you might say.)

At one point a guy put some dumb ■■■■ on the top of it and called it a scepter.

It’s where the term chiefs of staff was coined and throughout our histories the ones who rule do the opposite of the original chiefs of staff.

This is also relevant to the originals shaving their heads to fight the flies and other parasites. Then they found our hairs could be used for triangulations and suggestions and manipulating us. The ones with scepters began to do it as well. The holders of the scepters though were coined as going bald, the bald heads, the others were coined as strong and intelligent for cutting it off because it helped people.

But through time things are forgotten I suppose. It’s a repeating parasitical breeding and culling, it just repeats and has the entire time.

I never would have thought the broom was a sarcastic slap in the face to the guy with the bo staff. I wonder what was being “swept under the rug” yes? And it was straw obviously at first, hence the crow of fear, but I enjoy the origins all of the way to the very core of it.

“Did you sweep piles far from your feet?” - portishead/cowboys

Bo staffs, shaved heads, straw brooms from staffs, scepters from the staffs, fighting the flies and parasites, scare crows. A long history of war it seems.

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