The Hippie Shack

over the bridge and down the street, is a place called the hippie shack, one of the things you know is the trash is burned out back. there are blanket’s on the walls and beads hanging from the doors and all the floors have throw rugs as the table were they meet, and anyone you my find drops in from time to time.


This sounds like could be a really warm, cozy, goodlooking place to be in.
It can look and have awsome feel to have rugs n material n colours on walls , roof etc

I lived out back bush few years ago.
A wooden bridge led to the place and there were holes in walls and out door dunny, no shower or bathroom, no electricity , no wash machine.
Monsson rain day after day and no lights so i lit candles while sleeping in case i woke up.
There were snakes, leeches everywhere, heaps of wild life.
A bat flew around indoors.

I lived there by myself few months.

One night during monsoon rain i woke up to feel something on my face.
I then saw a toad jumping in my bed.
It had actually landed on my face.
This happened again and five or so frogs were in my bed.
Strange experience.
So, ive actually had toads on my face.
wierd maaaaan :slight_smile:

There were mice everywhere indoors and it was incredibly ungygienic but i couldnt seem to kill them.
Out of poisonous snakes i was more afraid of the mice.

Definitely sounds like a hippy shack!