The hidden positives

I guess it is true, the obvious most noticeable things in my everyday life are kind of negative. Most people that I come across seem to be in a hurry, rushing, fumbling, angry, nasty, irritable, unfriendly. First thing that I do in the morning is turn on the news and the negatives keep on hitting me - bad news always. Many things that surround me can make me feel even more alone and isolated. But what I came to realize is that if I look hard enough, I can actually see positive hidden events and energies. Some people are smiling, some laughing, I can be friendly to strangers, some are friendly towards me. I look into the natural beauty that surrounds me too - birds singing, staring at a blue sky, listening to the wind or rain etc… Not everything is dark, there is some light if I look really hard it does exist.
A lot of it has to do with perspective and the way I am feeling inside. Negativity breeds and attracts negativity - When I am at peace with myself or I am having a good hour or day, I begin to see the good in people and in my surroundings. Look carefully and you too may discover the hidden world of positive energy - it too surrounds us all