The heighth of a flat week

Is anyone else having a flat week?

the motivation is struggling… not feeling too responsive to anything…

there is no good or bad on days like this… only numb.

The thing that frustrates me the most is… I find myself zoning out and it feels like it takes longer to think.

I know it will pass… but until then… just feel like I’m going through the motions.


Maybe try some more coffee if you really feel the negative symptoms.

I myself have negative symptom days but rarely prolonged periods of them. More like I don’t really have them and then I wear myself out to where it creates them. Caffeine really helps me when I am like that.

I also find exercise like jogging to be a boost. Lifting is more tiring, calisthenics are more tiring, but jogging gives me a mood lift as well as some calm and focused energy.

Maybe swimming is wearing you out- swimming is hard!


I’ve fallen into a routine where one day is pretty much like another. In a way I am numb, but I do have feelings of contentment.

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**Could be from the shorter days.
Its easy to adjust to the time change when its spring, but falling back is hard, and we`re having a short lull until the holidays come roaring through.
Everyone seems to be hungrier than usual, wanting to sleep more… :waxing_crescent_moon: **


i swear sometimes we could be brothers !?!.. :scream_cat:
you just summed up the last 3 days !!.. :imp:
take care :alien:

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Been a bit flat as well theas few days

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