The heat is too much

It’s too much. Sweating like a pig. Going to have a cool bath. The heat isn’t helping me sleep either.

It’s 94 ughhh I’m at a farm with my family

Yeah, it’s pretty hot here in Northern California too.:sunny:

I was in California the other day it was 104 . Was pretty hot!

its frezzing here at the north pole

It’s not as hot here in the UK,but still too hot for me

My ac is set on 65 its like 100 f and humid…

The dry heat is a real problem in CA, especially with wildfires being an issue right now.

What part of California were you in?

Was in Santa clarita I believe. Six flags magic mountain for a couple days :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Here in Oklahoma the actual temperature is around 95 degrees, but the heat index is 110 degrees. You really feel it when you go outside.


Beforehand, I used to sweat like crazy. I would go for a long walk in air temperatures as low as 60F ( 15.6C ), yet by the time the walk is over, I am soaking wet in sweat. Plus, every day my overall body temperature was below normal.

But I had a theory as to the cause of the problem and so I threw together a multi-supplement concoction. The majority of these supplements are not taken by the general public. Anyhow, I now go out in these high temps and they don’t feel that hot at all anymore. Plus I sweat less now in a 90F environment than I did before in the air temperature 60F.

In fact, the first walk in high temp that I did, I did not even in the slightest way think it was hot. Meanwhile I noticed on the news later on that a heat wave warning was active. I thought that this was ridiculous and that people were becoming far too sensitive these days. However, I thought otherwise days later when I noticed that almost all the grass everywhere was now dead. It gave a desert look to the environment.

My ac is always set to 78, mainly to keep my little dog cool and comfortable.

I had to take her to the vet today because she’s been throwing up since yesterday afternoon. The first thing the vet asked was whether she was out in the heat, and I said she’s an exclusively indoor dog, inside the house, cool and comfortable with the ac running all the time

Anyway, my dog is staying at the vet for most of the day to get IV fluids, blood work, xrays, ultrasound. Hopefully I can take her home tonight. Even though I should be used to how expensive CA is, it never fails to shock me when I get the vet bill, especially at the after hours urgent care vet.

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I would go back to Cali but I’d have to be YouTube famous to afford it unless I lived with my parents their close to you but that’s not gonna work

It is going to be over 100 here. For us, 90s is cool XD.

Its soooooo hot though. 101 today and it is the cool part of the heat wave.

I live in the hot part…

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Its so humid in the south the heat index is stupid…not even shade helps I just stay in until late afternoon I’m sorry it’s so hot.m

At least it’s dry heat in CA. I don’t think I could deal with humid heat.

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I remember going on a camping trip as a kid from Michigan to Florida during the summer. I remember feeling like I couldn’t breathe in the heat and humidity in Florida. :sweat_drops::partly_sunny:

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The humidity here makes me miss Cali heat…at least the shade helps…though the Mojave was hot and I’d play at night …but here its like there’s 2 suns…

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