The "head circus"

Well, here’s my list:

Belief in telepathy
Belief in thought broadcasting
Hearing voices
Intrusive thoughts
Delusions of special understanding
Religious delusions
Delusions of other-worldly beings
Delusions of grandeur
Belief in conspiracy theories
Delusions of people talking about me
Paranoid delusions
False memories
Delusions of persecution
Fears for the future
Anxiety and panic
Shame and guilt
Envy and resentment

Could I handle all those if I reduced my medicine (with my psychiatrist’s support of course)?

I couldn’t before but I’m telling myself I’ve learned so much about how they can be dealt with since then.

hmm, food for thought…

you can only try it and c what happens hunni. good luck. xxxx


You got that right. Thanks for the reality check.

I wouldnt stop meds…it’s not impossible but it makes my life miserable to live with my list of symptoms. here was what I have, but medication covers up

extreme paranoia
hearing voices
seeing and hearing people talk about me
restlessness, insomnia
short term memory problems
anxiety and stress responses
heavy tobacco use
self harm
delusions of persecution
delusions of grandeur
intrusive thoughts
violent fantasies
belief in thought broadcasting

Now that I am on meds, I tell myself that these are all over with and I can live like a normal person again.

Why would you want to lower your dose? I find myself in love with my meds. I was suffering, and the five pills I am prescribed to take each day have made me quit suffering. I thought I was a goner and going to live a life of getting by, but now I am doing very well in college and I have nothing to worry about other than my work. I used to think work was maybe the least of my worries, my craziness occupied most of my mind. Now I try to make the highest grades possible and I don’t have delusions and hallucinations and alcohol distracting me from learning.



You definitely do have good reasons to celebrate your medicine. The reason I would consider lowering my dose is that I am now 40 years older and 40 pounds lighter than when I started on it. I’ve heard that older people may need a lesser dose of their medicines, although I’m not sure of that, and that heavier people can often tolerate a larger dose of medicine that would snow lighter people. Subjectively it’s because I’m feeling duller as I get older. Of course that may be just from getting older lol. And of course I’ll talk it over with my doctor.

Thanks for the reply.


My head circus has elephants… :elephant: :circus_tent:

In all seriousness… My head circus changes the act on me from season to season. I think it’s weakening because I can sort of feel when the next show is coming up and when the circus is going to leave my head a mess. Some of the act’s haven’t changed in a while… :relieved:

Maybe it’s meds, age, therapy, knowledge, healing … I am just as baffled by overcoming it as I was by getting it.

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mine r pretty predictable and seem to follow the pattern of what i’ve seen on tv. not every programme but a few, movies, soaps and stand up comics, hence the reason i don’t watch them anymore. i can almost guarentee that if i don’t watch the voices get stuck in a kind of loop, repeating the same old ■■■■. it’s only when i watch that at a later date they’ll incorperate what i’ve seen into their dialogue and threats. i’ve learned to pin point exactly which programmes they came from and where the sentences r that provoked them, so i now know to avoid music videos and most tv. shame i watched a few last year as i now know what i’ve got to come this year or next and can predict it. very interesting effect nonetheless.

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Good for you, it takes a lot of work keeping track of all that. But it is interesting when you can sort of “call out” the voices and sort of say… “I know where you got that from”

If I couted all those things the I had then be thro them in short. Dealing them one on one in a daily bases. At a cost of my time and intelingence to which I have none.

after a discussion on whether telepathy was real or not someone posted a documentary featuring joe mcmoneagle in it and low and behold after watching it i started hearing his voice in my head. this is a guy that can only get 2 or 3 hits out of ten and yet i’m supposed to believe that he’s mastered telepathy? nah, i think not.

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Just the fact that we can leson to are inter thought like deep or deeper then a average person makes us what we are.