The hardest obstacles you gone through or are going through in your life?

IDK. 8 months in the psyche hospital was zero fun. It wasn’t really something I had to overcome, I guess I was just kinda there for the ride. I kept to myself. When I was there, everything was all in my mind. Take away the mental illness and it was just basically eating and pacing.

I remember working on my tan while I was there, going on the back lawn and laying on a blanket. Don’t get me wrong, I guess some of the patients made it difficult for me but the biggest problem was boredom.

I was severely ill, I’m a 100% better now. I suffered there so I know what suffering is well.

studies. still have to complete them, got schizophrenia in the middle and messed things up for me.

Thanks @Rabbit_Farmer it is difficult but it’s best for me as my marriage is very unhealthy and stifling. The divorce is a big step but it’s the best thing I could do for myself

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Not being able to see my kids often. That’s the only thing that has been really challenging.

Losing my grandma last year nearly broke me. I still think about her every day. Losing one of my beloved dogs this year was really rough, too.

Apart from binge eating the obvious one, I really struggle with expressing myself. (depersonalisation). Sorry I repeat myself all the time. It’s the depersonalisation. Thanks for those of you who are patient with me.

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One time they try to murder me, lol. I’m alright now, just really annoying to go through. :confused:

My psychotic episodes in 2015 and 2016.

hardest past obstacle: post-psychosis depression- glad I survived.
hardest current obstacle: staying sober. I have 145 days sober. 146 in 1 hour :slight_smile:


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