The hardest obstacles you gone through or are going through in your life?

Drug addiction?Alcohol addiction?Tough breakup?Health diagnosis?

Trying to kill myself to prove that I am Jesus during psychosis.


learning that i had sz was probably the toughest battle for me.



Accepting sz as well for me, but then there’s also the issues that arise from being on the AS. Even if you’re mildly affected, once you have the diagnosis you kind of get jaded and resort to blaming yourself for what is otherwise often not at all your own doing

At the moment, it’s trying to lose weight.


In the past, being severely abused as a child.

In the present my therapist backstabbing me and throwing me out now I have no one to talk to

Losing my beatiful daughter. Shes 18 on march the 19th. And i dont know where she lives.

Many times ive done a bottle of scotch and cried over it.
Im not meant to have children.

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Break out the violin music and handkerchief to cry in.

I think we all deal with feeling different and feeling like outsiders. But I’ve felt different my whole life, even among other schizophrenics. The feeling will probably stay with me the rest of my life. This is what gets to me every single day.

Oh yeah, kicking drugs was hard. Adjusting to a bad back was difficult. When I lived in San Jose it dawned on me that I couldn’t defend myself or even run away from danger. My lower back was stiff, I could barely tie my shoes and if I fell I was a goner. I was living in a tough area and I had to reconcile that I was a 55 year old man
at the mercy of bullies or the drunken college kids or all the gang members.
I finally worked it out in my head and I’m fine with going different places and I figure, hey, I ain’t helpless and if I bluff a little because of my back that’s the breaks. I win every now and then.



Worse than schizophrenia

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overcoming binge eating cravings

recovery …no way

Trying to get away from insane arrogant sex offender stalkers who feel superior to their victims.

Trying to forgive my ex stepfather. Now that he’s dead I have a lot of complicated grief that I struggle with.

I tried finding a good book about complex grief but didn’t have much success.

Getting a divorce at moment

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The grieving process after giving up rights to my son was pretty intense.

Even knowing he was being adopted by a loving, perfect family,

It was difficult to say the very, very least.

I’ve also struggled with some addiction and that was miserable.

Being on the wrong medication was pretty traumatizing too,

I lost a couple years to just being a zombie.

We’ve all gone through a lot.

Part of the human experience.

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For me too getting through school. I still have nightmares about school regularly.

Schizophrenia has been the hardest thing. I really consider myself grateful for that…everything else in my life has been very fortunate. Things could be so much worse. Even though I struggle with memory and organization skills, I still live a good life. A lot of other people have it a lot worse. So I am thankful

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I fractured my skull and had a subdural hematoma, fractured a sinus cavity, fractured sternum, bruised lungs and broken ribs from a downhill longboard crash, recovery a has taken about 5 years like the doc said, for the first 6 months I couldn’t take anything for pain, not even tylenol or aspirin. 1 year after the injury I had a 2 month psychotic episode then sza, sza has by far been and continues to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever dealt with. My childhood up until I turned 18 was littered with bad experiences but sza trump’s all that. Current obstacles are weight gain from meds, hyper thyroid and graves disease, high triglycerides from meds, and all the fun stuff that goes with sz/sza

My last psychotic break messed me up pretty bad, that was over 3 years ago. Every major P break I had was pretty bad actually. I’ve had 5 of them and every time I ended up in the hospital.

I kicked myself out of my friends house and ended up in the women’s shelter for a day. That was $#@&.

My relationship with my mom was really hard up until I first got sick.

All the bullying messed me up pretty bad too in elementary school.

Then there was depression during my teen years.

Yeah life was poo. Better off now though :sun_with_face:

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I’m sorry to hear you are getting a divorce. I really hoped it would end up well for you.