The guy is an idiot I hate him

Yeah he might have his learning difficulties but tried to tell me I stole his fame because I tried to extend my support anonomously on a radio show. I only tried to say sometimes mental illness are treated less than psychical illness and he thought I used him for fame.

Oh dear. I don’t think he is the one for you @anon80629714

I feel depressed over it and I haven’t been able to sleep. I deactivated fb cos of him

Stole your fame? How exactly does one go about doing that? I would very much like to make millions doing nothing like Kim Kardashian. :smirk:


Don’t let him get you down. You are a great catch @anon80629714! I always find the best relationships happen when you least expect it.

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Not in this exact words but apparently I piggy backed or whatever into what he worked for over two years in two mins. I think I’ll get my Facebook back and just remove him. Why should I explain myself or hide for him

He said I bet you glad you met me on the dating site now you have got your fame. Friggin lrick. I even send a message to the radio ANONYMOUSLY how is that fame

What a douchebag! :angry:

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I think that it is not good to just take offense, it is not productive,
in your case I think that it is best to just ignore the guy,
there are unpleasant guys( and many unpleasant girls as well btw),
better to move on and that’s it.
Don’t be afraid to tell your opinion, never get discouraged by such fools.

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He sounds delusional. Stole “his fame”?

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He’s an idiot, here is a song about it, the music helps sometimes.

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