The greatest man who ever lived

According to your reasoning, a person could make the case that because we have schizophrenia we should go the way of the dinosaurs, because we’re not among the fittest. … A lot of things contribute to overpopulation. A man named Fritz Haber discovered a new way to derive nitrates near the beginning of the twentieth century, making the production of fertilizers cheap, which enabled the world to support two billion more people. … We should find a way to decrease overpopulation, though. The most effective way would be through the empowerment of women, so they could have the ability to resist being used as baby machines in third world countries. … I believe we have the technology to solve many of the earth’s problems. It just takes creativity and drive.


I read a book by Peter Breggins. He said if schizophrenia was genetic, it would have died out of the population, long ago because schizophrenics have a low reproduction rate. I’ve always thought it was caused by abuse or stressful conditions.

I don’t know if I agree with that for a couple reasons.

It only affects about 1% of the population so the number of schizophrenic genes floating around the population is very low, as if it has already been pretty much weeded out (if that is the case). But in genetics you can be a carrier of a gene without expressing it. “Recessive” and “Dominant” genes. So it’s possible a bunch of people carry the gene but are perfectly fine, but they then meet the “wrong” partner, their genetic material mixes and the child has schizophrenia. That is what I think happened to me because no one in my family, even distant family that I am aware of has schizophrenia.

On top of that the typical reproduction age in history was much younger than it is now. Typically (but not always) schizophrenia develops in the 20’s. Earlier for men than women. In the past a lot of people would have already had children by then passing on their schizophrenic genes before being hit by psychosis.

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The way I heard someone put it is that “Genetics load the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger.” That’s still awfully general, though. Smarter people than me need to figure it out.

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Yes, I understand what you’re saying but I’m sure he was well aware of these things when he did his research. I believe separated identical twin studies supported an environmental cause. It’s been a while since I read the book.


I want to protest about climate change

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That young lady has made an amazing impact on young people’s attitudes towards climate change. Kudos to her

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She has inspired me (a 40 yr old man) to take action about climate change,

I was her age when i started getting unwell and i think i worried about similar themes, all throughout my illness i the environment and climate change played a big part, i got all wound up about it and had no way of expressing myself :frowning:

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M. Ghandi

When he practiced as a lawyer he taught his clients to plead guilty and serve their time, because it was better for the soul rather than trying to get out of it.