The greatest human achievement would be

The greatest human achievement would be when there is machines that collect and make our foods and grow them and there will be so much food that most people on earth would have access to them without doing any work.
Imagine paying 10000 for a machine that can make pizza burgers and things like that it would be the dream life

I dont feel like cooking food for the rest of my life

I thought this would be a thread about unfulfilled potential. The pizza machine who only became a delivery guy, lol

It would be a world where men have learned to live without aggression toward each other.

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Women would learn not to pick fights with their husbands there be more peace in the world

I believe the greatest human achievement is the discovery of vaccines that stop the worst contagious diseases that have ravaged humanity - the plague, measles, smallpox, polio, the Spanish Flu, and so on. The people behind these vaccines are the greatest people who ever lived. Humanity owes them a great debt. Also, the guy who broke the German enigma code in World War II, Alan Turing, is in that league. He shortened the war by years and saved millions of lives. He also invented the first true computer that used software. On a sad note, he was homosexual, and after the war they made him take hormones that were supposed to “cure” his homosexuality. He eventually committed suicide. Another man, Fritz Haber, discovered a cost effective way to derive nitrogen. That discovery enabled two billion more people to live on the earth. It was a mixed blessing, though, because nitrogen enabled armies to make military explosives. His discovery also enabled Germany to continue fighting for three more years in World War I. Haber also invented poison gas for military use. Also, he discovered “Zyclon B”, the chemical used to kill Jews in mass in World War II, He was trying to develop a pesticide for industrial agriculture.
It is hard to say that this man was “great” at anything, but his work on nitrates did enable the earth to support two billion more people, so he enabled more far more lives than he took.

Not destroying ourselves before we reach collective self-realization would be the greatest human achievement.

I think as long as russia has the nuclear weapon america and europe cant act as if they have the best economy its a ticking bomb before russia decide to use it and there is no way to escape that fact unless russia gets what it wants

Hmmm. I think it might have been the wheel, roads (including dirt roads or paths), or boats. After giving it some thought though, I don’t really see how any of those has benefitted the world as a whole, so maybe I’d say agriculture? Without those things we would go very far. I guess writing also might be a fair arguement but I think agriculture is more essential.

For the modern generation it is probably the internet or phones and we probably already take them for granted just like the rest.

Without internet i wouldnt have earned money internet has enabled online businesses to reach consumers. It is through internet that i was getting traffic and converting them to leads and making money.

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