The Great Steak Heist

Our new young cat ran away with my steak in it’s mouth…sliding it all across the floor.

Then while my wife was cleaning it up, he ran away with her steak…sliding it all across the kitchen floor.

I swear this cat is half racoon! I ended up having a bologna sandwich instead.

Cat for sale! Any takers?


We had a mother cat and her kittens. Ended up with just one of the kittens and the mother. One day the daughter cat came back with a bird…Not to be outdone the mother cat came back a couple of days later with a steak…but it was still half wrapped in plastic. I’d imagine it was a surprise for those that lost their dinner that night.


I had a cat named Elvis who was weird when it came to food. If you left a sandwich on the counter, he would steal the cucumber slices, and ONLY the cucumber slices.

Chicken was like a drug to him.
One time I came home with a bag of grilled chicken legs to eat for lunch. I barely got through the front door before he ran up to me at the speed of light, SLAPPED the bag out of my hand, tore it open and mauled that chicken.
I was so shocked and impressed I didn’t even scold him, haha

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We have 3 stray cats that sometimes come by our house. Mom leaves food for them on the stairs or windowsill. We’ve tried to pet them but they run away.

Cats have a window in their kittenhood that means if they are petted in that time then they will take affection as adults from humans. If they are not petted in that time then they will remain feral forever. They are not like dogs in that respect that can learn affection at any age.

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My cat lies on the stairs every day, waiting for me to kill myself stepping over him.


@rogueone’s cat on the left.


My cat Freja gathers pieces of trash from the neighbourhood and will not stop parading around proudly while wailing until my mum puts it in a special bucket


When I worked a steel related manufacturing company there was a cat that would kill rabbits and bring you their organs and stuff to show off to the employees. It was really gross.

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I let my puppy loose in the house for a minute and she steals my fathers sweater from the couch!


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