The Great Ormond street assessment

When I was about 6 my first school in Thailand suggested problems. That I might be what was once called spastic. To be fair to my parents I was taken for assessment at Great Ormond street where that was ruled out.
We are talking about the early 60s and knowledge was far more limited re childhood developmental/social problems. After that verdict there was no further attempt at pursuing the matter.
Like many others of the same generation I was born 2-3 decades too early for the kind of help and support that has become more available for children with difficulties

In the mid 1970s when I was a kid I had learning difficulties and my grades were bad and I had fights with other kids, but then I was put into the special education where one woman taught me how to learn and study. I never fought with other kids after that and my grades skyrocketed. I must thank my special education teacher for me going to the university, traveling to the USA and so on. I had always one to one sessions with this teacher and she helped me to open my eyes.

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There are mystical things that I have not figured out yet. Back in 2002 when I arrived from my 13-year world journey, there was one old man, my father’s school mate from the 1940s, who said the name of my special education teacher. Why did he do so? I do not know. Now this old man is already dead, but it is interesting.

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