The great famine of Ireland

millions died, we were left to die by other countries

My mum from Donegal

Such a huge portion of the US descends from Irish who had to leave Ireland during the famines. My whole family amongst them.

the UK turned a blind eye, in the time of the famine, some say it was genocide by the uk on the irish


Conor McGregor came one day with a whole boat of potatoes and ended the famine.

us Irish are proud to still be here today, many songs here are made because

foook him, he is not irish

All hail king mcgregor

I imagine. It obviously took great strength to get through that. The descendants of the Irish here are proud of where we came from.

some say here it was genocide by britain on ireland, they blanked us out at the time

There’s very good historical evidence that the British had little interest in helping the Irish during the famine years and great interest in instituting policies that actually made it worse. British policies towards Ireland had been brutal since before Cromwell.

It’s important not to project that onto the British you meet today, though. They had nothing to do with it.

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