The governments punishment

The government is mad at me for talking to much. They want me to be quiet. They are trying to take away my disability. They sent me a letter in the mail for review of my ssdi. They want me to conform they are mad because of what I said yesterday. Now I’m afraid I might lose my benefits for telling the truth they want me to shut up and conform to society they dont want me to be woke.


If you tell them all that your review will go fine.

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You dont sound well. I doubt they will take away your benefits especially if they know this.

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Ok… . … I will try not to worry.

What did you say that they’re punishing you for?

That the government is setting my life up. They have people talking to me getting to know me just so that they can hurt me. They put people in my life to make america feel safe so that they dont worry or stress out about the truth that I be saying. No one wants to hear the truth about what’s going on. The government is covering alot of stuff up. They are keeping people asleep so that they dont see what’s really going on. They place friends and people in my life to keep me looking like they want which is normal so that I dont make other people uneasy. They dont like the truth that’s why they are punishing me. They want to break me.

Maybe you’re schizophrenic and wrong.

I have to admit it though, you make a tiny bit of sense.

Everybody on SSDI and SSI gets reviewed periodically.

Yea maybe I’m just telling the truth and no one wants to hear it we are all ■■■■■■■ There planning a war that’s going to be bloody and ugly and this time there will be chemicals and nuclear missiles involved.They want me to be quite because that’s how they control society by decreasing it systematically with war. They dont want you to hear they’re planning on killing off people.

I hear what you’re saying. I’m freaking out about the government too so I’m not the best person to help you. Sorry.

It’s possible. A war between counties could realistically break out any time. Personally, if a war breaks out, it has nothing to do with me. It’s beyond my power or control and at 58 they wouldn’t make me be in it anyways.

It has all to do with me and the things that I know that’s why they want me to be queit

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