The government declared me incompetent

You replied to wrong person.

Lol thanks for clearing that up. Maybe I’ll figure it out. Haven’t yet.

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What vitamins should I consider besides fish oil. Would you say

Supplements are expensive

I’m no expert, but the vitamin B complex especially is hugely helpful and for omega 3 you can save just by eating sardines, mackerel, etc twice a week, no need to buy omega 3 supplements if you do that.

Sardines mackerel got it thanks

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And bananas for b vitamins spinach maybe

I’m a vegetarian now, but fish and meat are great sources of vitamin B. Eggs, yeast extract and smaller amounts in some vegetables.

Thanks a lot. I started taking testosterone. That helped fyi if your getting older. Helps cognition. I’m going to try cabergoline get my prolactin down. Anything to help mr cognition. Gonna stop the testosterone though. But it helped. I’ll tell any schizophrenic that.

I know that off topic but everyone should know that testosterone helps cognition

I really enjoyed reading your posts.

You sound really interesting .

I have a Facebook friend who doesn’t watch tv and hasn’t for twelve years.

What do you do instead?

I might stop watching in the future.
But not now.:slightly_smiling_face:

You are not incompetent.

Do your sisters love you?

I would rather take my chances with a stranger than have my sister who is horrible to me be power of attorney and if I didn’t like the stranger I would keep trying.

If you have a good relationship with your sisters it’s different perhaps.

Shoveling snow is admirable of you to do that.
If you want the job and take it.

The government in my country seem to view me as incompetent too or they wanted me to work jobs I couldn’t stand with people treating me in ways not ok by me.

If you shovel snow you can say yes to the job and do the job without anyone hassling you.
You may not get treated bad by a boss as such thinking they superior.

You could take it to court that your sisters don’t have power of attorney over you or not bother if they treat you with respect,kindness and love and care.

Good wishes to you.


As for not watching tv a and movies. You get second rate information from regular people. You stay pretty ignorant I guess. Your own vacuum.

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Thankfully I was granted disability pension.

It has helped me so much.

I avoid people mostly.
With exceptions.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I get disability money from the government. I have ever since I became sz

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Cognitive impairment is a ■■■■■. I just have to say. This sucks

Thanks for communicating. I try. I think you said you were from norway. That’s Viking heritage right? Cool. I suck. See

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Incompetence. I hate it when the government is right

Psychosis is the enemy. Stay out

Yep, it’s a great job for me. I do it part time. On Monday they posted the driver stats and I was the #1 driver.

I also work part time as a freelance computer tecnician.


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