The good the bad and the ugly


  1. Friend is visiting for a few days
  2. Kids will be home in awhile
  3. Hockey game tonight


  1. My friend is an alcoholic who was sober for a year and is really struggling. Hard for me to know how to help without being enabling or harsh
  2. I can’t shake the feeling that I would be better off dead
  3. I’m terrified that something is going to go wrong with all the finances that are getting fixed


This is how I feel


During the worst time in my life, I was stressed and worried about what was going to happen. I calmed myself by reminding myself to take one step at a time. At that moment, nothing I was worried about was currently happening, so I shouldn’t stress as if it was.
And the “I’m too hideous to live” thoughts just had to be ignored. My son needed me.
I hope your visit with your friend goes well. Remember that her sobriety is her responsibility. As long as you don’t sabotage, then the rest is up to her.

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