The "good" part of cannabis


You might tell me that all parts of cannabis are good (while lighting up in your bathtub), but I’m going to mention a specific feature that has benefits to the scientific community. It’s not THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but a compound called CBD (cannabidiol). Where THC has been associated with the mind-altering, “feel-good” high that users get, CBD does not produce this feeling, but rather has more useful medical benefits. Why do scientists care about cannabis? It’s not because of its use as a recreational drug, but its potential use for curing diseases. The cannabis people use for recreation is manufactured to be completely devoid of CBD, so don’t expect to cure cancer by smoking a joint. The secret lies in CBD, which can be extracted and used to treat neurological problems. Cannabis is sometimes vilified as a good-for-nothing, get-high drug, but it actually has amazing properties to benefit from. The scientific community should invest in further study of cannabis to discover all of the parts that can actually help our society.

The reason why I’m looking at CBD is because it has a wider range of medical applications than any other currently known product from cannabis. It’s what the scientific community should be investing in for further study. If you didn’t know, cannabis has several (85 or more) active cannabinoids that scientists can extract and study. When looking into why cannabis gave us a “high” feeling when smoked, researchers found the substance known as THC. They figured out that THC interacts with our brain and causes signals and pathways to change, thus altering the feeling in our mind. It was also found to be useful in managing neurological disorders. The flip side to that is that THC also has adverse effects such as potential toxicity, development of psychosis and even cerebral activity. The studies have been inconclusive as to if the benefit of THC actually outweighs the adverse effects. Fortunately, there is something else we can use, which I think scientists should be focused on — CBD.

CBD also comes from cannabis, and can be extracted just like THC for use in drugs. What’s interesting about CBD is that it does not give patients a “high” feeling and can actually reverse some of the adverse effects that are caused by THC. It’s a much better alternative for medicinal use than THC. The United States government even approved the status of CBD in its drug form (Epidiolex) as qualifying to treat a disease, which is a hard thing to do considering marijuana is classified as one of the “most dangerous” drugs with no medical purpose. Medical cannabis facilities outside of the U.S are also developing cannabis plants that have only CBD as the main ingredient and no THC. What I am seeing within the scientific community, and even in governments that shun cannabis, is an acceptance of the use of CBD to benefit society.

Does this mean scientists should stop considering THC cannabis-based treatments? If you really want to get technical, I would say maybe. Currently I do not see a cause for real benefit from THC, so why use it? It does feel good, but is it really good for you? As always, science is ever evolving and we may find that THC does have real benefits. For now I would advocate the further study of CBD cannabis strains, and development of drugs that can be used by the public to manage painful disorders and diseases.


Cannabidiol is promising, if this ■■■■ would go away by smoking green, I would be smoking green in between classes, LOL

But yeah CBD was in a neuroscience class mentioned as a possible treatment for schizophrenia. I am psychologically conditioned to where the smell of pot makes me sick and scared, bad things happen when I smoked weed after my onset. Before my onset I only smoked on friday nights and not that much most of the time, and it didn’t have unusual effects on me. Then I lost my mind and weed made me crazier but I couldnt get my hands on alcohol. I blame the legal drinking age for that. If the drinking age was 18, I would have been an alky which is better than a pothead considering I was insane. Alcohol is not a hallucinogen, in large doses it works like a major tranquilizer, which I discovered and abused once I found myself around tons of liquor in college.

I think weed should be legal, people do it anyways so just make it legal. I think the drinking age should be 18 first though. Potheads can move to the pot states for now.

but back to the point, yes, CBD is possibly practically a cure and I would smoke the hell out of it if it made the psychosis go away.

But THC is a no-no. Been there, done that.


Agreed - Thanks for your input Mortimer :smiley:


As soon as im sane again im lighting one up.


what a bunch of party killers everyone is on here. I smoke weed off and on and it (THC) keeps me from wanting to get really sad that my life is almost over. give a couple of decades or so.


Marijuana isn’t harmless, but in my opinion it is less dangerous than alcohol. Every year in the US we lose tens of thousands of lives to drunk driving. When someone gets high on marijuana he’s not going to beat his wife, he’s not going to get in a fight, he’s not going to get in a car and go a hundred miles an hour down the highway. I’ve seen marijuana do a lot of harm, but I have seen alcohol do more. I’m an alcoholic, God help me, because I don’t like the high of marijuana that much. Alcohol has caused me far more problems than weed ever did.


Oh I think alcoholism is serious- I know alcoholics and their struggle is remarkable. I wish you the best of luck, and if you are Christian I suggest AA. I went to AA after what I thought was a relapse but discovered that I am in fact not an alcoholic. I can and do drink normally from time to time, a few drinks on a Friday night with a friend as a designated driver, for example. Over the summer I experimented with driving my friends and only having one drink, proving to myself that I could drink moderately. Sometimes I didn’t even have that one beer and drank and energy drink instead. I went to a huge wild informal reunion party with my high school class this summer and drove a couple of friends, didn’t have a single drink, helped the drunks puke and gave them water. I was proud of myself and everyone knew I had a serious demon under control.

Cannabis is not exactly the enemy, it’s THC-- there are many compounds in cannabis, THC being the one which exacerbates psychosis. Cannabidiol is in fact very much unlike THC and has potential to treat schizophrenia very effectively with minimal side effects. I do not exactly approve of potheads, I believe smoking weed to be a thing that teenagers do, but if they are psychologically addicted (physiological dependence on cannabis is impossible) that is a neurological problem and out of my realm of knowledge. I took two neuroscience classes and did write about psychological addiction to cannabis but the research I cited was inconclusive for the most part and mildly suggested that pot is just a waste of time and IQ points, in a roundabout way, not saying much else other than finding conclusive evidence that cannabis is not truly an addiction in that it is not a physiological addiction and merely a psychological craving.

The papers I wrote said that you can just not smoke pot, basically. Alcoholics get delerium tremens which is not cool and they need professional medical help, not a nice chat with a psychologist.

I myself began the pothead lifestyle for a while when the illness struck me- it gave me friends and made me enjoy myself as long as I stayed in private-- it made my paranoia and hallucinations increase while also making me feel something other than just pain-- I was in physical pain from a testicle infection, which is not fun and very frustrating (an 18 year old with faulty balls is not a happy 18 year old). My illness progressed to where the hallucinations became out of control under the influence of THC and I had to just quit and turn to stimulants and tobacco, later I became a heavy drinker. My heavy drinking days were mostly when I was 19 save for a few memorable incidents while 18 and 20.

These days I have up to five drinks and then pay the tab and drink two liters of water and go to bed. I don’t do that very often, basically only on occasion. I notice dis-inhibited behaviors while I am in that state, I find them amusing and occasionally disturbing.

I love psychology. I agree with you on cannabis being less dangerous than alcohol- from my experience, none of my friends ever got into trouble while driving stoned, but the ones who drunk drove ended up in court rooms and jail and crap.

The problem is that alcohol is effective self medication for psychosis, it is a major tranquilizer in high doses, mimicking the effects of antipsychotics. I myself know this from school and also from experience, I can testify that alcohol does make it stop.

You said you are an alcoholic- I know the feeling of being infatuated and controlled by alcohol. Do get a doctor’s opinion on whether you are actually an alcoholic or just self medicating- some people do not know that there is a difference between needing alcohol to treat an illness and an illness in which you simply crave the hell of out alcohol. I have a relative who is a sort of mentor of mine and he has defeated it. From what I have seen, it is worth it to decide the never drink again if you cannot control your drinking.

Corey Taylor is an alcoholic, the singer of Slipknot. He was boozed up even on stage during the band’s early years, cleaned up and then produced even more popular records. He simply doesn’t drink alcohol anymore, as he said he needed three bottles of Jack Daniel’s a day to function. Now he pounds caffeine and nicotine, like me!