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This inspired me to remember some of the people who have been there for me and helped me get better.

There was a lady named Allison and she was head of the Unitarian Food bank. I was lurking around hoping to get some food. I was a mess… I hadn’t showered in a while… I hadn’t eaten in a while… I wasn’t too stable… But she didn’t send me away. She did give me some lunch right then and there…

As we talked… she got me hooked up to volunteer at the food bank just breaking down the pallets of food that came in… and bagging groceries.

Since I was volunteering… I was able to have a bag of groceries. She also plugged me into some of the homeless shelters and on those cold dank November mornings… I had someone dry to go where I could bag food… and get some help.

It’s nice to think back and fondly remember the people who helped me.


Sometimes the stories I hear on here make me nearly shed a tear…a couple times I actually have.

I am not a nihilist, I believe in good. It sometimes changes my mood and makes me remember what I am fighting for when I hear stories like this. Here I go to the gym, just got back from class, gonna study this weekend and catch up with my old friends who are all back in town tonight. I saw them last night for a semi-bachelor party, we went to a bar for a friend who is getting married Saturday.

The pain just gets to me sometimes. I might be resilient but I am human after all, things like this post make nut up and carry on with doing what I said I would do. I just happen to have a shot, a chance, a solid chance at being a voice for us.



Of course I’ve got some family who have gone above and beyond to keep me alive…

But thinking back on kindness from strangers… It’s nice to remember… there are some good people in this world…

I’m sure you’ve got some good people somewhere in your past or present.


I was waaaaaaaaay blessed to stagger through the worst of symptoms (from 1994 to 2003) in the company of a bunch of 12 Steppers in AA, NA, ACA and CoDA (all of which I truly qualified for). For many of them, I was no fun to either look at (because of how it triggered their own anxieties) or deal with (when I became delusional, paranoid or hostile).

In fact, they were more supportive than most of the mental health professionals I encountered then (though not so much now). I continue to participate in several of those fellowships – even though my formal-education-derived understanding of human nature is far past what is described in their literature – because I feel I owe it others in those groups to support the “portal” to support and growth provided to me years ago.

Besides, my disease is still delusional at times, and I need the support of those who press me to realize when I am.

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That is very cool… I really like your cartoons. Always very clever.

Thank you.