The good and bad news of my Trazodone experience

Well…I finally caved and took 2 Trazadone after waking up after 3 hours again last night.
Here is the good and bad about Trazadone for me.

Good news : I slept. I mean I slept like I haven’t slept for weeks. I just woke up at 1:45pm , about 15 minutes ago.

Bad news: Just like I feared, I don’t feel right after waking up. I feel groggy and out of it and even a bit unsteady on my feet, even after sleeping a significant amount of time.

Will I take again? Only if I’m desperate for sleep, I think.

Anyway, there’s my review.


That’s weird. It never did anything for me. Certainly didn’t put me to sleep.

Sounds like it doesn’t work well for you either.

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Sleep is important. When I stop sleeping I get psychotic.

Do you have anything else as a sleep aid?

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Its worked for me. The drowsiness during the day or after wake up has slowly improved a little. But sometimes its bad.

Generally, id actually recommend this med for sleep and insomnia. A little energy drink or coffee pretty much wakes me up

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no, thats it

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Trazadone wasn’t for me. I like Doxepin better for sleep

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