“The Giver”

Anybody ever read the book “the giver”? I ordered it through amazon to read to my step son… it said it’s a 6th grade level book.
Too bad amazon might have lost it… shakes fist
I have never read it but it sounded interesting to me. Hope my step son will like it.


No but I watched the movie and i thought it was really good.

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I wasn’t a fan of the book or the movie, but I’m pretty picky about SF. It’s an eighth grade novel in my province.

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What’s SF stand for?

And ah, well I don’t know if it’s really a 6th grade book… I just googled 6th grade books and that was one that came up @MrSquirrel

Sf, science fiction.

I’ve read it and the sequel. Pretty good stuff

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Ohhh okay. Science fiction. Doi… @DearZombie

I read the book in 6th grade and was enamored.

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Glad to hear! @ninjastar my son is only in 3rd grade but his test results from school said he’s at a 6th grade reading level… so what the heck.


Do you know a brief summary of what it is about?

Yes I googled it… it should be fine. His dad reads him some pretty interesting stuff… lol @ninjastar

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It really spoke to 10 year old me.

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Also Speculative Fiction.

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I’ve read it before. It’s a pretty solid read. :+1:

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My first thought when I saw the title was something or other about goats!

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