The giant centipede

Last nite I had to look for a giant centipede. It was supposedly stalking me. I said: “A centipede? Whats the big deal? I’ll squish it.” And they said: “Its a big sucker.”

I looked for it. Never found it… as usual. Another wild goose chase. Me and the republicans… always the wild goose chase.

It was weird though. I had this strange feeling… emptiness. I was trying to sleep and it was like this… I don’t know how else to explain it. Emptiness. Not loneliness… Loneliness is in the presence of an emotion. This didn’t have any emotion. And yet it wasn’t a machine. It was intensity… at being empty.

I’ve had voices tell me about a giant centipede too. But I found out it wasn’t an actual centipede but a metaphor for how a group of people were connected to form one unit. They were all connected, I was ‘lost’

the sphere of nothingness is a buddhist reference to ’ the peaceful place ‘.
from there you go to perception and non- perception…beautiful.
the concept of nothingness is nothingness.
all things are matter therefore energy, therefore all is little balls of white , grey , balck light…beautiful .
take care.
p.s. i like centipedes’

I woke up to centipedes that weren’t actually there multiple times and freaked out (naturally) but I don’t think the voices ever said anything about giant centipedes. Whoa didn’t know this post was from 2 years ago whoops