The gaze of the other: subjecthood and objecthood in therapeutical encounters

Doesn’t that sound promising and pretentious? :blush:

I was going to write a philosophically inspired post… But I ended up feeling the utmost respect for my pdoc! Who else is happy with how they’ve been treated?



I am. Both my pdoc and therapist are great people and professionals, very lucky me

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I’ve been more impressed by those in the psychiatric profession in the public sector than I have by those in the private sector. Of course, a lot of that is because I expected more from those in the private sector. For what they charge, they ought to produce miracles. I see the entire psychiatric profession as still kind of backwards. It’s still in its beginning stages. I think that in the next century it will grow up a lot.

I have been very lucky. The two psychiatrists I have been treated by have been remarkable in their support for me.

The first one I saw was while I was interstate staying with my Mum. Mum is still in contact with him when I get really bad symptoms and he apparently always follows up with a phone call to check on how I am doing.

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Jouissance of the otherness: an unexpected play of domination in your usually boring CBT.

I just made up that one. That’s what we the literature crowd do in free time. :sunglasses:

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