The Game of Life

In the Game of Life

Stay on the well-beaten path of sobriety

But there’s a fork in the road

An unfortunate turn of events

Would be to land on schizophrenia

And a reliance on antipsychotics

You can either take your antipsychotic

Triggering massive weight gain

And all of the life-shortening conditions that go along with that

Or you can go off your medication

And possibly self-medicate

Leading you back into the dark and dangerous forest

Of unbridled psychosis

Choose wisely

And how do you earn an living for yourself

When you feel like such a lost slug

Government assistance doesn’t exactly pay the bills

Abandonment by any helpful individuals

Can lead you to another unfortunate event: homelessness

Which, in turn, also takes you closer to an early death

Go figure

***Just riffing off what @everhopeful and @DrZen said tonight! lol


I used to think it was a game.

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Very insightful. Society isn’t always easy to deal with.

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That pretty much sums it up …

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