The gains and losses

So been busy behaving. It’s taken me months of work to get to a good state with things and doing really well. It’s been a while but no beer or any alcohol. I go out now and even socially I don’t have a tipple. Like it wasn’t a hard process but it’s nice to relax without chemicals. I’m learning that being straight edge and just living healthy is good for the soul. Last month or so has been good. My eating is way healthier and I’m doing great with exercise.

So I’m in a good place physically and mentally but recently dad got some bad readings on prostate. Hopefully it’s early but he’s off for scans and a specialist. I share the bills with him so it would be pretty grim if he goes anytime soon but fingers crossed we come out of that…

Meanwhile my end of weeks are super busy with the groundskeeping volunteering and playing cricket. Playing in the fourths in B grade so a bit better competition and it’s not so bad. My form has been good and I’m looking to improve.

So. The last few months I’ve gained a lot…I’ve lost a little but hoping to stay ahead of the ledger. How’s everyone else doing in the world of cosmic balancing???


Wow, sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but you are handling it really well. I wish I was as tenacious and optimistic. Hopefully it all goes well Rogue. I’m doing well, I’m trying to get this weight down and improve on my exercises. Anyway hope you are having a wonderful day/night!


Right on mate! It sounds like you’re doing well and leading a clean lifestyle.

I’m also making little changes in my diet. Trying to cook and eat less meat. I’ve also really been watching my portions.

I hope your father will be okay with the prostate exam. :pray:

I’m still watching weird and wild films haha!

Earlier today I got an email from the Veterans Administration about a possible covid vaccine.



Praying for your father!

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Glad to read you are doing so well and up to good and not mischief :open_mouth::wink:.

Sorry about your dad but hopefully they can easily treat whatever it be.
Hopefully all will go well and he get through it.

I am pretty well.

I’m stable .

Difficult sleeping :zzz: some nights but I have sleeping tablets if needed.

I miss my x in South Australia and the dogs and country life but he will never take me back because he can’t trust me because I left when things were perfect just to become vegan and give my horse a happier life.

They are my special family and favourite darlings but I had to be true to myself and no one can tell me I haaaaave to eat meat.
Hell no I will not be a obedient meat eater.

I’m embracing my new life here in nsw.
Grateful for all I have.
My dog and sacred neigh are still alive grateful for that.

I have so much good in my life really.

I walk my brothers dogs.

Manage to pump.

Have some family nearby.

May have made friends in a way.

Trying to loose four kg.
They are stubborn.

Having family breakfast this Sunday which I look forward to.
It can make me suffer to sit at tables but I have been doing rather well at breakfast.

Nolonger have voices and delusions.

Like you I’m aussie and like you I’m on pension.

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Glad to hear you’re doing well, keeping up with the good work. Living a clean life void of drugs, booze, and other vices is commendable. Best wishes to your dad, hope for a good diagnosis.


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