The future vs. nostalgia

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I read that the rich are constantly thinking of the future, and they have very little nostalgia.

When I think of the future, I just wonder how much of it I will get to see and I face it with a lot of worry for myself and my kids. That goes the same for my parents, don’t want to see them die.

I also have lots of nostalgia for the past and I love the museums where it’s a trip down memory lane.

Your thoughts?

I get worried about my future too. My mom dying and my own financial security.

I also feel nostalgia of the past, but I don’t miss it. I’m feeling a lot of shame for my behaviour during psychosis, not easy to deal with.

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yeah me too, not shame but regret but I could’t control my behaviour. I’m sure you can get over it.

I worry about the future but I’m stuck in the past more than anything. always struggling in letting go.

I still stick to a lot of the nostalgia in my life, always been afraid of the future because I see more comfort on what is already done than what you don’t really know what’s gonna happen.

I’m a 90s kid, so I still look at what used to be popping back then. Opening Pokemon card packs, hoping for that holographic Charizard, playing 4 player couch multiplayer on my N64, Saturday morning cartoons. Those are some of the very few things that I consider my nostalgia growing up.

I’m at that point in my time that I have to worry about my future. Being 23, this is the part where I need to figure out my career and I’m planning to put it on the medical field to help those that can’t do it by themselves. Wanted to be a therapist, even chasing a music career since I been writing songs and lyrics since 14, that was my passion. I don’t know, to me nostalgia vs the future, it’s a lot of letting go of the simple past and finally growing up.


I used to feel strong nostalgia… it’s kind of faded into a permanent background layer of knowing I’ve already enjoyed life…I’ve had highs and enthralls I probably won’t ever top… Kind of changes the scope of things.

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There is a whole discipline dedicated to researching the phenomenon of nostalgia and memory.
If you are interested in any of it, I would recommend you a great book, not too hard to read: Svetlana Boym, A future of nostalgia.

She states that the whole concept of nostalgia is not much about remembering the exact happenings or the places we’ve been but it is more a desire for the sentiments we hold from the place or event that might not ever happened.

Thanks for your replies, you guys.

As they say, you should just live in the present.

I’ve done some pretty amazing stuff too, just want to continue to be happy.


I think like this sometimes about coming out of my first psychosis. Felt like so much was at stake at the time and I am glad to have returned to common sense. I sometimes feel like that is the most important thing I have achieved in life. I doubt whether I will ever face a challenge of that magnitude again, I plan on keeping psychosis free in the future. But, to get a bit philosophical, any future challenges and achievements will then take place within a somewhat stable experiential world (sometimes called the ontic), whereas in psychosis, it is that very world, the frame, that is at stake (rather an ontological than an ontic challenge). The irony of course is that what I feel is the most important thing to happen to me is quite meaningless to most other people, because typically, such a stable experiential world is taken for granted, it isn’t an issue in the lives of healthy subjects. I do not exactly feel nostalgia for this period - I am glad to have come out the good end but wouldn’t want to relive the experience, obviously. Yet the magnitude of it does somewhat relativize current and future challenges and accomplishments, indeed, it changes the scope of things.

I’ve been ‘at one’ with the world on more than one occasion. I get a bit nostalgic for that feeling sometimes…

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I’m a romantic… so I always think I’d be nostalgic…

But I’m not…

I did a lot of damage to myself… made my life pretty hard with my own actions and addictions… Really happy to be alive… recovering from my past.


I have some nostalgia about going to a top/competitive school, living on my own, going to parties, being smart, being extremely motivated, and being happy. I am more future oriented now though. I believe I can recover and do this all again. I’m taking supplements and I think I’m getting better. I hope to change antipsychotics soon. I want to go back to school, I want to get a job, but I need to get my motivation and intelligence back.


I don’t count imperfections but maybe you’re suggesting I should?

I go into my past a lot, like my childhood and growing up in my childhood home and Home town.

The future scares me, so I try not to go there too often.

But my past is a bit sad as well.

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I think that im still looking for that “old school” nostalgia i guess feeling that I had as a kid,maybe that’s why im a alcoholic …through my drinking im chasing something that I can never catch
…playing super nintendo, smoking weed,drinking brews and having a BJ literally brought to you like you were doing THEM a favor. …ah good times,but I guess that we all have to grow up and contribute to society, …now TTHAT’S the crux,conundrum. …hey give it name that we just don’t seem to be doing, and that’s why you see society as a whole.lcollapsing…there is just no structure or moral base for a structure to be built upon.

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I guess that’s why I like contemporary music more than older stuff even from 20 years ago. It even helps me follow world events and politics, I think. I mean sure it’s nice to sometimes buy an older album that you may have only heard 3 or 4 songs from, but listening to current music lets me see the world as it is now.

Too much nostalgia can be a dangerous thing, because I believe there were never any such things as “the good old days”.

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You have alot to look forward to.

No… not at all…

I was just thinking back on how badly I lived my life… and how things are better now…

minnii I know just how you feel. I said the most regrettable things during psychosis. Now that I’m recovering I realize just how horrible I sounded because of my paranoid delusions. If a time machine could take me back I would undo it all but I can’t so everyday I live with that regret and self loathing.

sorry your mum is ill… :heart:
bunny :rabbit: hug.
take care :alien: