The Future of Sports?

This is ESPN and since the major sports have all been cancelled due to COVID-19 we bring you the following schedule for the Fall Sports calendar:
September Sports-
The First Annual Harvesting Competition- Watch participants bring in the crops. Favorites include Billy Bob Nelson, Red Eye Rowdy, and Cowboy Ed
BBQ Competition- Watch the food sizzle. Good eating.
County Fair Activities- Apple bobbing, barrel rolling, sack racing, and other delightful competition at the fairs across America.
Stick ball
Sandlot baseball championship
zombie racing
leaf raking
polar bear
turkey racing
Santa Claus racing- With the bags full of presents
South Korean Football
Nothing- Who can watch nothing for the longest time

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Actually I was predicting that the major sports would be cancelled. Considering that baseball is already in jeopardy it’s not a bad bet.

Fifa was ? And swimming world cup was scheduling later…

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