The future of schizophrenia treatment

Since nmda based drugs failed to treat schizophrenia, could gene therapy treat the disease?

Any form of gene therapy brings its own special set of problems. How many different genes are we going to alter? What if we want to genetically engineer eight foot tall basketball players? Of course, for diseases and medical conditions that are genetic in origin we would be cruel not to fix them, even if it meant altering genes. But then, are we going to alter genes for short sightedness? How about for flat footedness? We probably need to work out those kinds of issues before we go into altering genes.

I have seen that risk genes for schizophrenia are overepressed in some region of the brain like pfc.
some drug target inhibits these expression like NRG1

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It is not alteration it’s more of modulating overexpressed genes that might contribute to the symptoms not like creating a different race of creatures

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I don’t know if gene therapy would work because there is always the environmental part of schizophrenia but I could be wrong.

I think it depends whether the expression of those genes during development already altered the brain, or whether they continue to contribute to faulty brain chemistry. And there are a lot of difficulties in getting there. The technology to edit genes exists, but how to then change the adult brain…perhaps in the future but not soon.

May be on the future.
But there is an approach to inhibit p110δ, which is thought to be linked to nmda modulation.
The inhibition of p110δ reversed schizophrenia in mice.
p110δ Is linked to nrg1 gene over expression

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It’s great they are working on this stuff.