The Future of PIP in the UK?

I guess the way PIP is going it will be replaced by a new benfit, perhaps something with a acronym like PDA (Physical Disability Allowence)!

Of course this will be replaced by somthing cheaper and more targeted like PDAFA (Physical Disability Allowence For Albinos).

Then the goverment will get cold feet and replace that with PDAFACWGH (Physical Disability Allowence For Albinos Currenly with Ginger Hair)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Government mk3. Issue chocolate fireguard anyone?


What’s your take on it? Other than it’s not fit for purpose!

It makes a mockery of government claims to be working towards parity of esteem for mental illness.
I was one of the many mentally ill who already lost the mobility component in the switch from DLA to PIP.
In the written explanation it said that “Needs prompting to undertake any journey” which scores 4 points. In actuality my brother had explained at the interview how I’d needed someone to come with me when going to London to see my sister.
I don’t go far from where I live because of my poor sense of direction, and as for trying to explain to other people how to get to places nearby-forget it.

This will be one of the difficulties when I have to move making my way around a new neighbourhood, My stepdaughter has said she will accompany me to places or my granddaughters will for as long as it takes,
They know I have difficulties even if some benefits advisor chooses to dishonestly make out that it’s only a minor problem.

The whole idea of changing things to make the mobility component something almost exclusively for the physically disabled is highly offensive ,and some might say even a form of sociopathic behaviour directed towards the mentally ill. A way of ensuring the mentally ill especially can be restricted as to how much they get to live on.

It’s also a way by George Freeman of saying mental illnesses aren’t really real illnesses like physical ones, again so much for the claims of a move towards parity of esteem.