The futility of struggle

Lately striving and effort have started to seem like a waste of time. The only reason I would try to do anything would be to impress a potential mate, but I don’t think I care enough anymore to try. It feels like we, as a species, could go extinct if we don’t get our nuclear weapon and climate change situation under control. In which case, all the combined efforts of everyone you’ve ever known would be rendered completely invalid. The slackers would get the last laugh, because they enjoyed life and tried to get the most fun out of it with the time they were given. It just doesn’t make sense for me to put in effort anymore. That doesn’t mean that life isn’t worth living, but that it is worth living… but only if you’re actually living. Not trying to impress people or being some idea of what a normal/successful person is, but just enjoying the best parts of life while you’re here. Making the best of the hand you’re dealt and smiling just because you’re here and there is so much to enjoy. I guess I’m at the point where I don’t care what anybody thinks anymore. Thanks for attending my ted talk.


Lately I’ve been wondering what I’m struggling for too. Some things I have no choice in, but for others, I’m just running out of energy.

I envy people who don’t have to struggle.

I think a lot of struggle has to do with wanting things to be different. I think that is a source of a lot of our delusions, too, is wanting reality to be in some way different than it is. If you just give up trying to change things, a lot of the struggle is given up too. This also has to do with realizing the futility of thinking you can change the world. You can do little things to help, but I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that I can just will power things to be better. Most people believe that, so they live in a sort of delusional state kind of like us. I find sanity is allowing reality to be, because the moment I try to change it I suffer in some way or become delusional or both. In letting things be, the struggle is gone.

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Well said @crazydiamond444

Struggle is all there is. If you are schizophrenic and alive your life will be struggle. You can’t give up because it won’t help.

A job is a struggle. Going to school is a struggle. Joblessness is a struggle. Homelessness is a struggle.

There’s no one to surrender to. Giving up is harder in the long run.

Well I personally gave up recently. I’ll get back to you and tell you how it goes. I already feel a whole lot better.

I think @crazydiamond444 means caring too much about what other people think, worrying about impressing people? Am i right?

Yeah lifes a bloody struggle BUT if you turn it down a couple of notches
It would be less back breaking, more enjoyable


I don’t iron clothes or anything anymore

Im more outspoken with my mum who is a major trigger usually for everything

I’m 43 and schizophrenic

I have enough to bloody worry about!

Enjoy yourself.

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Yeah lifes too short

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