The funnest part of high school was cutting classes

Me and my friend used to cut classes all the time. Sometimes we would skip one or two classes in a day and go to the rest. Other times we would skip a whole day. Or other times we might skip four classes and just show up for one.

We did this consistently during my last year there. If you were legitimately ill and missed a day you would need a note from your parents to show the front office the next day to explain why you were gone. If you had no note, it was considered a “truant” which went in your school records and if you got too many truants you could get suspended.

So me and my friend would find papers in our homes which our mothers wrote by hand in the wastebasket and signed like an old bill or something and we would forge sick notes in our mothers handwriting and copy their signatures and when we didn’t go to school for a day or two we would write our own notes. We did this on an unbelievably regular basis.

We got away with it during the whole school year. When we went up to the lady in the office we played it cool and kept a straight face. She saw us all the time but we were quite the actors. But sometimes under certain circumstances, we couldn’t write a note so me and my friend both accumulated truants.

And the school was mailing letter after a letter to my parents about missing school but I always intercepted the mail and tore the letters up before my parents could read them, so my parents were clueless about what was happening.

But all good things must come to an end and one day things finally came to a head. Me and my friend were both 17 and one school day we didn’t go to school and we stayed in my friends house and took some LSD for the very first time. We had some interesting things happen that day, lol, which I won’t get into.

When you take acid, it takes about an hour before you really feel it. And then after an hour the effects build up and up slowly and them after about 4 hours the effects peak and it’s vrery intense and weird. Anyway, I was peaking at my friends house and the phone rings. It was my parents and this was the first time in 5 years of being friends that they ever called my friends house. They said, "Get home. NOW!"
They sounded pretty grim but I didn’t know what was up.

So I get home and my parents sat me on the couch and pulled up two chairs close to me and started talking. Remember, I was peaking on acid.

Well, I had let a letter from my school slip past me and my parents got it and it asked them why I was missing such an abnormally amount of school and why was I getting so many truants. So while they are talking to me, I am trying to maintain my composure and act normal and hide the fact that I am freaking out on acid. They were both VERY angry and they both laid into me something bad. It lasted about 20 or 25 minutes. Finally it ended.

Anyway, I was busted but they didn’t catch on that I was high but my days of cutting classes at school were over.

I don’t want to encourage anyone to take acid. It’s dangerous and could send you to the psyche ward and maybe damage you permanently. It’s nothing to fool with for anybody and it is even worse for people who have schizophrenia.


Acid is fun but it seemed every time I took it, something happened that didn’t typically happen …like my parents calling for example.

With setting being right it’s not too dangerous but a gamble because there’s no guarantee everything will go smoothly.

I don’t regret any of my acid trips…they’ve shaped who I am as a person today and I have no regrets. My friend does it weekly…internet friend who lives in Colorado and he has no mental issues.

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Lsd is definitely on the rise…more and more teenagers and young adults have probably tried it in the past couple years than any 5 year period in history…yet when I go to my drug classes I say my drug of choice is alcohol marijuana and acid and they look at me like I’m from outer space. Barely any of the acid heads find drug rehabilitation programs due to that its only really bad for schizophrenics I think.

I said to my therapist “well acids on the rise, but I’m sure u knew that” and she said “no I didn’t”…she works at a hospital/rehab…i first took acid in 2009 but it’s really been on the rise the past 3-5 years and in pop culture too especially hip hop music…all these New York rappers do acid

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The potential to have a bad trip is there for anyone not just people with schizophrenia. I personally knew a few people who had bad experiences on it.

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Yeah you’re probably right. I just have barely met anyone getting messed up from it.

One thing that helps is its 5x less potent than it was when it first came out…but you can always take 5 tabs if you wanna get real messed up…but it’s less likely to take too much anymore.

All the kids these days that are getting messed up are getting messed up from heroin. Everyone assumes I’m a heroin addict just because I go to a drug counseling group…I’ve been asked at least 5 times “are you on Suboxone?” I politely say I’m not an opiate user…but rather psychedelics and alcohol were my things then they say "you can’t abuse psychedelics ". And I say “well I did”. If I were to take acid I wouldn’t get all the effects due to taking anti psychotics. It would be for the better too. Been there done that. Just made me depressed afterwards.

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My friend said me being sz is what lead me to doing psychedelics so much…because it was a bad mind state I was trying to fix. If my minds already screwed up…might as well try something different! Just lead me to abusing it and developing bad habits and addiction in the end. Some ppl never develop the habit of doing acid more than a couple times a year…I…was searching for answers

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My version of cutting class was going and working in the school front office smh :unamused:

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My friends and I used to cut class and smoke weed. I don’t know why I smoked as much of it as I did. I never enjoyed it.

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I cut class once and my dad came home while I was there. The only computer was in my room, so he came in and turned it on on his lunch break, so I had to hide under my bed. He left before it booted up. I was lucky not to get caught. I lived only a few blocks from school. At this point I was in the Millennial Falcon, but I had parked it at the YMCA around the corner.

Yeah, for criminals like us, life is tough. We always have to be looking over our shoulder and be covering our tracks.


I got kick out of High School for not showing up. If they wanted me to show up, why did they kick me out. They said I could come back the next semester. By the start of the next semester I was taking my G.E.D. test and signing up for the Navy.

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Cool. My dad was in the Navy too in 1952 or 1953.