The forum is like school and we are all classmates to each other

We’re not really friends because there are too many of us, but it is similar to knowing a lot of classmates.


If this was school I’d be out behind the gym peddling weed.

Cash only, people.


oh I think of all of us here as friends…some more than others but I like everyone on here…


Your mind is sharper than mine. I simply can’t keep everybody straight in my mind. That’s the only reason I said “just classmates”.


I like this forum much better than I ever liked my schools. I fit in here


We’re in a very special school.


I fit in about the same. As in not very.

For what it’s worth, your my favorite squirrel, and your nuttiness is valuable to us all!

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You just like my huge nuts.

Seriously, I was one of the nerds with taped up glasses playing D&D back in school.

Edit: I also sold weed, got away with it because I didn’t look like someone who sold weed.


Dude, I still play D&D. It’s awesome!


My man.


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I disagree with the analogy. Classmates bug you, here, I have a minimum of people bugging me.
Another big difference is my classmates never said anything good about me.

This place def feels more like a community than subreddit

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Yeah my school was really cliquey. I was pretty social across most folk and was largely just regarded as being nice but nerdy. Last couple of years of high school most folk thought I was on drugs…just the sign of some other things laying in wait for the future.

Ya’ll much nicer than most of the dicks I went to high school with! :slight_smile:


In high school, I had a bitchy attitude, talked too much smack about people and never smiled, therefore I was snubbed. It sucked, but I did it to myself. I make a concerted effort to be a better person now than my high school self.


Thanks for giving me an excuse to share a Key and Peele video.


If this was school - im the one constantly having a sneaky cig behind the changing rooms. But i feel i fit in here - school i never did, so i somewhat disagree :slight_smile:

İ wasn t like the most people at my class but i really get empathy with all people here and this make me like most of the people at here.we have similar struggles at our lives.its really hard to get this disease and this forum disburden my difficulties.thank you very much to all people here.:rainbow::sunrise_over_mountains::blue_heart:

I feel pretty safe here. I, for the most part, enjoy everyone’s friendship. I was the goth, outcast in school.

I was thinking more like elementary school than high school. Younger kids are more innocent to me.