The forum around this time

Good morning minnii. I am in the same time zone to Goggles. I went to a scenic spot this afternoon. Now I just came back home and am going to cook dinner.

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Hey green6. Good for you, going to scenic spots always puts me on a good mood.

What are you going to do today minnii? Its saturday morning yes? I love mornings. Have the whole day ahead of you!

Used to work excavation , nightmare , water mains , gas pipes , fiber optic cables , cangos whackers , heat , used to be up at 5am to start work at 7am

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It’s raining so I’ll be home studying all alfternoon. Morning time is for useless internet stuff and forum :smile:

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That’s some heavy work

What are you doing on saturday bruce?

Yeah sure was , ahh , it was OK , people were good , just hard work

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I used to work in restaurants as a waitress. Really stressful work

I did nothing today! Was goood :slight_smile: its 8:30pm here so ive just had tea and im currently watching the basketball and drinking my evening coffee. Might watch a movie after the basketball is finished. A lazy saturday night :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool :smile: Sounds like a good saturday, really relaxed. I’m on my morning coffee still. Always drink tea while I’m studying though

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Yeah Minni personally I couldn’t do that or work in check out. I used to work , bar , stressful keeping orders in head , etc

Its ironic but many of the people that do work here , work in check out , I couldn’t pick a more stressful job if I tried :slight_smile:

yeah I worked in a bar too. Really fast job lol

All right I’m off enjoy the rest of your morning.

Have a great day Meteor

Hey @Minnii, just checking in this morning. Tis true that it is quiet upon waking up for us europeans around here :slight_smile:

Morning @flybottle :smile: True, we bring the sunshine to the morning forum :smile:

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This is the theme song of my weekend. Some good Australian music!


:smiley: I love Xavier Rudd, I usually listen to this one when I need some cheer up

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