The forks in the road

It seems like fork in the road is playing a huge theme for many of us right now. I don’t say this out loud, but when a recurring theme is happening in my life, and then I see it in others lives, I do think I’m causing it. (ideas of reference I know) But I fight that away and grip harder to the word coincidence. But it does still cause me to pause when it seems other people are doing the same stuff I’m doing. Coincidence… not mind control.

For me… It’s not so much a fork in the road as much as a walk in the woods. A bit meandering, but still headed in a general direction. (Horticulture and Surfing)

Mortemermouse seems to be on the fork between research and clinical

My friend seems to be on the fork between a high paying job in contract law that he thinks might drain his soul away. Or a low paying job in legal of DSHS where he gets to help people navigate a chaos system.

My sis sent off her final chunk of paper work with counselor approval to try and get into the nursing program. The counselor put the whisper in her ear that she would do well as a Medevac nurse. But she was also looking into being a psych nurse with a speciality in crisis call-outs.

She decided to go into nursing ages ago. But medevac and crisis call outs both seem a bit dangerous.

I just have to choose between plants and water. I think I have it easier.


The more I look into this… medevac nursing or psychiatric emergency crisis teams…

So, scraping someone physically off the side of the road, or scraping someone mentally off the walls.

Out of curiosity, I wonder which one is more dangerous?

I think she would do better in a crisis team. I’ve encountered crisis team police officers multiple times and they were good people. Very rational, analytic, hands-on problem solvers who have limitless patience.

Oh I hope she doesn’t have to become a cop. :gun: :police_car:

That would be weird, my tiny redhead sis, a cop.

I’m starting a nursing program in the fall. I’ve been thinking about being a psych. RN. Is that weird or right? Someone with SZA being a psych. nurse?

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im headed towards a PhD in psychology and im scz. Its not that weird

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You recovered Szs are a big encouragement to me. Im 29 and at my own fork in life. I used to think Sz means menial and low-paying jobs for the rest of your life, if working at all, now I see so many people pursuing their dreams and able to do well. Really big encouragement to me! Especially brainiac @mortimermouse and his PhD aspirations, and @SurprisedJ with his horticulture and surfing =))

Me, all I’ve done so far were some translation job, fast food, retail, telemarketing. I couldn’t stay in one job long. Hopefully that changes in this new writing job!

Keep in mind that I was very bright before schizophrenia and even during psychosis I made a 3.5 and kept my scholarships…I obviously do not suffer from cognitive impairments. Paranoid schizophrenics are the only ones who make it big time academically, in fact my shrink says that purely paranoid schizophrenics are often pretty sharp, usually above average intelligence as long as they dont do illegal drugs. It’s disorganization that really stops us from doing what we want, and I don’t have that at all.

What I mean to say is that I am just lucky, I’m an outlier, don’t compare yourself to me. Im also fully recovered, but I still suffer from ups and downs, I have an anxiety disorder separate from my schizophrenia and I have trauma and some days I feel haunted by my past and have to take the day easy and just nap and sit around.

I also am at a unhappy place in life, Im in the middle of undergrad and its basically high school 2.0, save for psychology classes. I feel anxious and depressed a fair number of days. The thing is, I don’t get symptomatic.

Even if you are lucky to have a high IQ and all that, its not a fun life. It’s stressful, expensive, unpredictable and it feels like I am going nowhere sometimes. Aspiring to become a professional is not easy, I’ve been warned but also encouraged by my evaluator and my shrink, they both said that I have the brain for it but that I will have to work harder than Ive ever imagined. I sometimes wish I was an average person who just passed classes, got a bachelors and called it a life.

I beat myself up for making a B, I need all A’s to get scholarships for grad school, and I am also competitive powerlifter, so that makes things complicated.

Just remember that sometimes, like this morning, wish I was you. I have to speak french fluently for at least five minutes without my speech printed out tomorrow, I have to do it from memory, thats not fun. I have to memorize 18 formulas and their varitations for my logic final. Thats a pain in the ass.

I will work like a dog once I am in a PhD program. I just want to fast forward tens years of my life and have that degree and the job. Theres something wrong with you if you’re a healthy 20 year old who wants to be 30.

Congrats on starting nursing school! I’m a nurse who’s practiced in psych for 10 years. It’s very rewarding, and very mentally stimulating. There’s never a dull moment (except for some night shifts).

I would advise that you take as many elective psych courses as you can, in addition to required nursing courses.

And shadow an experienced psych nurse during your clinicals. You will find that there’s a lot more to psych nursing than dispensing meds.

If you need any advice or help, hit me up.

Good luck and many blessings,