The Food Thread


Thanks @Pianogal!


I had McD’s with the kiddos. Ì feel kind of sick


Having a toasted cheese sandwich and baked french fries for dinner. I like to bake crinkle cut fries in the oven rather than frying them. Slightly healthier i guess.


I love this thread.

I love food and eating stuff I enjoy eating.

We are having smoked beef for dinner today.
It is smoked in a Webber.
Smoking for a few hours and in s few minutes we will eat it with roast carrot potato and onion.


I get sick feeling too after fast food. And my digestive system agrees it was a bad idea.


I know I should eat something but I have lost my appetite. Everything is gross other than coffee


Reviving the Food Thread.

I made chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon for the holiday breakfast.


I made hobo dinner last night. It didn’t turn out to good.


What went wrong?


I didn’t put the usual salt and pepper in it. No hot sauce either. And I used asparagus instead of potatoes or other veggies


Well you can’t win them all. Tonight I’m making tempura battered fish and mashed potatoes. I think I can all that


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