The flood story

So, after reading a bit i found that the older versions of this story say something else.

They state that this particular event was not global in the least. All that they say is that the flood “covered the ground” and that the boat “rested in the hill country of ararat.”

But that isn’t my point here. It’s obvious beings could have manipulated the weather so that it rained very hard. And it’s obvious that a particular region could have been greatly effected by it. Not the point whatsoever.

My question is that it says the beings did this because people were doing evil things continually. Im wondering if that doesn’t make these beings psychopaths actually.

Because they created mankind it states. If you made mankind then how could you flood him or hate him for what he was? Are you not capable of making something that you liked or was good? Would that not make you the evil one?

If you want good people then make good people. Why make people bad and then flood them and all of the other ■■■■ it says they did.

Thats my problem with this story. He makes people bad and then floods them for being bad. It’s ■■■■■■■■.

The premise is wrong.
There is a difference between being essentially evil and having a temptation or tendencies to evil. ( which leads to a question what is evil and who defines it)
I believe in second one.

I don’t believe so.

Any maker of mankind would be the reason they were the way they were.

The only people God made were Adam and Eve. People make people. God made Adam and Eve good people until the serpent corrupted Eve. After that it was out of gods hands. He made the flood because he got tired of what people had become.


Well, i was reading about that as well and some books say man was originally created in chapter one and then he took man and formed him into something else with adam and eve. Thats why it states “no one to till the ground”, people were already there but no one was doing that.

But regardless of that you simply can’t make something that doesn’t do what you made, whether it was unintentional or not you still made it. I think we are just naturally us as we unfold through life, ultimately no different than a tree and how it grows.

The only thing He could be blamed for is the desire for immposible and forbidden infiltrated into humans soul. If you believe in the inicial story. There is a forbidden fruits and the human. There is nothing between the human and his consciousness act of desire.

Are you saying that we are created as the fabric toys?

Im saying if we were created then they made us that way, either that or they didn’t know what they were doing and hated what they had done like a frankenstein monster.

Can no one see themselves happening? It’s the delusion, a strong one you might say, this free will.

We’re chemicals and chemical reactions, we have working parts and functions. Either some really super crazy guy made us or it was accidental.

I see where are you going…
But your inicial premise is that humans are ■■■■■■ up from the very beginning.
A products with mistake.someone’s insane idea.
I don’t think so.I think its the most perfect phenomenon ever created.
I don’t know what made you to lose the trust in human kind but im sure you could find a hopeful examples if you’d search for it.

Yes, i don’t trust people.

But my premise was hypothetical, the book states they were doing evil continually and the beings didn’t like it so they flooded the people out. Im saying if they were bad then the beings made them that way in the first place.

I think everything a person is is in the seed. The maker of the seed is to blame.