The flavor of emotions

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Emotions and food

I was wondering, does anyone else notice this. It was pointed out that I describe my emotions in terms of flavor. I do notice that I do that.

I can taste it when I’m angry. It’s acidic and sharp… When that flavor hits my tongue, I know it’s time to get up and quietly leave before I do something I’ll regret later.

When I’m sad, or depressed, the flavor is dull and coats my tongue. When I’m happy the flavor is clean and subtle.

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I’ve noticed quite a few instances where you described your emotions as flavors. I like it! I think you have a very creative brain :slight_smile:

I’ve never met anyone else who can do this. Especially not with such descriptive imagery!




I actually didn’t really notice it until it was pointed out.

Just another cross wire in my head I guess. But it’s one of the more benign ones so I sort of like it.

When it got pointed out, I was starting to ponder the flavor of memory.

for me Blackberries are very nostalgic and emotional.

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I thought of this:

I became anorexic at 14 0r 15. I don’t think I’ve had any feelings since then.