The Fixing of the Presidential Primaries

Would you believe that Hillary Clinton is actually leading in delegates 477-54 over Bernie Sanders? That’s because of the Super delegates who are special delegates who are not actually elected. Hillary has 445 of those to Sanders 18, So Clinton is not doing badly at all in spite of what the news coverage says. No Super delegates have shown up in the Republican race although I remember years ago when Bob Dole was tied with George Bush after winning the first half dozen primaries because of the Super delegates. The primaries may not be decided by the people after all.

If this election comes down to Donald vs Hillary, at least the debates will be worthy of popcorn. More bad news for the U.S., but at least it’ll be quite the show.

The options will be pretty stark if it’s Trump vs Sanders…

One wants to build a cement wall, and the other wants to cement a wall of social security.

Sanders has at least a couple good ideas, though. I mean, he’s far from ideal (in my personal opinion). Trump and Hillary just scare me.

But maybe that’s the whole idea. Not sure.

I’d take either one over our Prime Minister Selfie here in Canada.

Not hatin on Canada, don’t take me the wrong way, every country has its own boatload of problems and whacky leaders.

BUT this made me laugh so hard when I found it (for Star Wars fans):

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Better than his predecessor I suppose…

Although Rumsfeld wasn’t much better…

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The GOP is unified… there is really only 1 party

George Carlin – The Illusion Of Choice. I have certain rules I’ll abide. My first rule, I don’t believe anything that government tells me, nothing, zero, no. What if you want a bagel, or 23 flavors because you have the illusion, you have the illusion of choice.

The decision has been made… Trump is just meant to rile up the liberals and get them to vote out of fear.

Hillary’s the man… her campaign was crafted for her to be such…

She wins O_o… (my bet anyways)

why vote liberal in a state of conservatives… seriously I live in the only liberal county… electoral college be damned…

and bernie aint got the cred… he’s this election’s ron paul… which either means america is growing up or lost has lost all hope… perhaps both.



END THE FED… har har… ■■■■ politics

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