The first thing you would do if you were the owner of

@SzAdmin you ok with the thread? Let me know

I will not change a thing

~Marlboro back from the dead


likely we forget

we are the owners

there’s no they or higher authority

though some might want you to believe that.

Who owns sz. Com?

I’d make the profanity filter optional.

All those black squares make posts hard to read, and I really don’t mind swearing as long as it’s not hateful slurs.

i d get a party bus and rase money, buy start of the art servers and open new spaces for different groups , and get funding for payed monitors.


I would make more categories for chit chat about music, movies, philosophy etc.
And i would allow religious talk, because I don’t believe a thing about religion triggering somebody.


I’d change the name from to


I saw the best of friends at the time getting crippled by mods

over his shamanism.

And other posters weren’t too kind either. I think there’s no chance in that.

Even under Unusual Beliefs. His name was Charlie, and he and I were suspended about every other day.


miss you.

If I were the owner of I’d redirect the site to

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I’d probably change the layout and design … sorry I don’t mean it’s horrible but I’d add more colour and smilies and make it pretty


I would create many ad’s for this forum all across the web. In all social media

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If I owned, I would probably sell the domain name. According to GoDaddy, it has an estimated value over $15,000.

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I’d make a subdomain for religious discussions.


I’d put the ceramic monkey with the clock in its belly back on the top of the bookshelf in the study.