The First International Crisis of A Trump Presidency

Donald Trump likes Vladimir Putin a lot and he thinks the policy of controlling his territorial ambitions are misguided. So Putin would probably take as much of the former Soviet territory as he could if there was a Trump Presidency unless Europe responded strongly. I doubt he would take Eastern Germany back, and I would give Poland and Lithuania a coin toss on being spared since they are a part of NATO, but all the rest would probably be in the gun sights. Trump would probably not consider such a move to be a crisis but the rest of the World and others in the US would be shocked. At least that’s the indication that I get from his statements. You heard this prediction here first.

I don’t see Russia as nearly as big of a threat as they were during the Cold War, but they’re reverting to their old policies of provocative behavior and generally being a pain. They need external enemies to divert attention away from shortcomings at home. I don’t know if we can avoid getting into another arms race with them, but maybe we can start negotiating with them now to keep military spending under control on both sides.

I kind of come here to get a break from political speak, actually.

Trump is NOT a representative of The U.S. and will never be with his attitude.

I still believe in the U.S. that we could NOT vote for this kind of mistake for our president.

A=t our house we refer to trump as “Trumpeton” like a blast of noise from a trumpet.

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I think you’re right. I’m sorry I chimed in. This isn’t a site about politics; it’s about schizophrenia.

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Could trump really be the president? Form the outside(australian) it seems like a massive joke. Isnt he the celebrity apprentice guy?

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