The first gas chamber I went through and my (faulty gas mask)

THe first gas chamber I went through was basic training in 2001 after 911 had happened in my red phase of basic. My gas mask had a purge mouth in front of my lips and I missed the purge valve missing a tee head to it. So I was pretty much in the gas chamber breathing gas and in a long line to take my mask off. I kept covering the valve cover but it only got me flack from my Army Drill Seargeants and they hit me a few times for it. But I kept doing it a coughing up lungs when I was firsthand breathing tear gas but they didn’t know. I was waiting in the line…waiting to take off my mask and sound off for the drill sergeants and tell them my social and my name. But they knew something was wrong because I was coughing and spewing up snot from the tear gas.

It sucked. And I was moved forward in the line because of my faulty gas mask. Never again.

Never a â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  again.


Then they made me the Nuclear Biological Chemical Sergeant of the unit at ft bragg.


You share a lot from service.

It’s rare.

Would you consider being a poet?

Top poem on lyric Iowa

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The gas didn’t bug me until I was outside and pushed air into my lungs making the gas spread lower…I thought I’d never stop coughing or catch my breath…


If I had another chance I would have hit him in the face, I would have worked harder in that cross country race. I would have known that I was a Grand Duke, and that I had to earn respect. And I’d hear nothing about anything I would get. We’re floating lop sided in a pacific and Atlantic pool, wouldn’t you think the system have done enough for you?? You don’t matter they say but you know that you pilot their ships. Yet they approach you with mental attacks with whips. I want you to understand that you targeted in fact, but that doesn’t allow you to kill someone of over react.

It’s time you got bigger and you know there was something that brought you to this something you did. At least you’re not suffering without your kid.

Honey all the dues are paid

I wrote every day to the Pentagon
For awhile

Patrick we have one life

I stopped fighting for now and for memories

Don’t ever think anything we suffer
Isn’t known

But I like to hear it

I was thinking of volunteering in the army, if the docs say I have no MI. but the army seems rough.

Yeesh, Patrick! That had to have been horrific.

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That is interesting when I was in basic they had us purposely go through the gas chamber without a mask to see what breathing it was like. Then during warrior week they had us run around outside and do exercises with a gas mask on. It is hard to breathe in a gas mask.

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they are really quite creative when it comes to roughing you guys up. I would’ve never thought of that running with a gas mask idea.

Yeah, I remember me and 79 other guys squeezed into a small cement building. My gas mask worked fine, but it seemed like it hadn’t been cleaned since 1941. I was tearing up even before they dropped the pellets.


same here flame, they hit us in the solar plexus if we held our breath, and we’d breathe in those fumes. At ft. bragg guys would go in without masks or MOPP gear or gloves and see who could stand in there the longest.

They made me a NBC nco after I came home from Afghanistan. I did a pretty good job at helping the primary NCO and filled in when he was at PLDC (old term for sergeant school).