The First Break: Exploring Mental Illness Through Virtual Reality - OnlySP


Something has to come to us … to save us from negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms…


I still love u man. Hit them up !!!


I’m so tired of judgmental normals who find mental illness interesting…

“None of us personally, as far as I know, have been afflicted by mental illness, and none of our families have”

“this would be a really cool topic to look at”

“when she has a [schizophrenia] patient who starts describing what things look like, most likely they are lying.”

“She knows everything about every topic, super polished and cool, but she’s very anxious and frantic because she just knows too much.”

“Offering players an accurate depiction of mental illness”


Also, I think the fact that the whole premise of the game is based on a misunderstanding of when antipsychotics were first discovered and used as treatment for schizophrenia (1950’s, not 1960’s-70’s. That’s atypical antipsychotics) speaks volumes about this project.

But, hey, the 1960’s were cool. Just like mental illness.

They think we’re lying when we tell them our symptoms?

Well, no wonder it’s so hard to get help and so many doctors don’t seem to care. May they rot in hell.

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