~}}}{{{~The Feeling Theater~}}}{{{~

(((Three Men Stand Together, in Front of a Glass of Water, Conversing Calmly)))

African Man~ ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Caucasian Man~ ‘All Lives Matter’.

Asian Man~ ‘What About Us’?.

(((Jus Then The Glass of Water Begins to Slightly Shake)))

Water Glass~ ‘Hey Guys!, Let’s Jus Start Over!, Everything Matters!’.

(((And Jus Outside The Window, it Begins to Rain, As The Flowers Cheer)))


Asian Man~ https://youtu.be/x7bIbVlIqEc

It’s important to be mindful of these politically charged times and I’m not sure about the sentiment to this post as it is political which isn’t in our rules as you know. Please be civil and supportive and avoid politics. Now is not the time.