The feeling of being schizophrenic

For the first time, I am able to express my feeling of being mentally sick.

The mind was filled with so many to-dos that I thought I was almost functioning well in reality.
Now I realized it was fantasy. I have to become a doer in reality.

I had so many paranoid thinking that I thought it must be the reality. Now I realized it was fantasy.

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My feeling of being schizophrenic is I am so easily tired when I try to conduct my to-do list. I could only function half an hour and then I had to stop and took a rest. I probably could work for another 30 minutes in the afternoon but nothing more. If I am doing housework, I can function 2 hours. That’s my work ability as a schizophrenic

That’s where I am lately. Doing things. Yesterday - picking things up off the floor, clearing out clutter - nico wrapper, Equal wrappers, wads of gum, etc. I could go on…

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Good to hear that. And I have to give you a big ‘Thank you’ for telling me the secret before, To-Do --> Do. Do you remember that? (on another support site)

No, I don’t remember that. Must have been a long time ago.