The fear under my schizophrenia

At a young i learned what it ment to be killed. Here is my story… age 12 the neighbor men. Were fixing a water linethey asked me for my step dads ranchwhen the whole line was Doug and I were done with the ranch they threw it in the hole I jumped in to retrieve it and they started shoveling dirt on top of me trying to bury me a liveI fought my way outas the two drunk bastards laughedone went as far as throwing a shovel at me inorder to knock me out or to made me in some way but I managed to get past a car and into my housemy mother was in the kitchen at the time that I have arrived I was covered with dirt and she was more concerned with my looks then my feelingsI simply told her that they were trying to kill me and bury me alive and if she thought any different she was as bad as they were ran to my room7 days later after staying in my room on my own accord I decided that life was not worth the effort to defend it but rather revenge itmaybe it’s the reason for my underlying of fear and paranoia that may have led to my schizophrenia or perhaps it was just the simple misunderstanding for some drunken ■■■■■■■ knock off a child with bad bad consequences

Just childhood trauma, unless you witness “heaven or hell”

That is a terrible thing to go through!