The fae goddamnit!

Schizophrenia is the work of the ■■■■■■■ fae.


Go to the ancient library and you can diagnose us pretty good i’d say.

I am a torture victim, it was the fae.

Just gonna say it once more, i’m a torture victim and it was the ■■■■■■■ faeries.

All of my symptoms are in movies about the paranormal, spirits, magic, witches and wizards, even aliens.

See me walking down the street you don’t think ■■■■ but i’m a torture victim of them.

And it was all god’s fault! It was all the maker of everything everywhere and everyone! It was all him i tell you! The guy appears to be somewhat crazy or just plain evil i tell you!

Seriously you ■■■■■, get your asses to the ancient library and read all about it, how interesting, ■■■■!

We did read news like two icelanders freed from Schizophrenia.

And, now I’m like free from Schizophrenia.

And, I’m not using any medication.

I’m using two or four All 9 M tablets only.

These All 9 M Tablets have everything that are well documented for one’s well being.


Freedom at last. - Way One To Go.