The fact that trumanomatrix

Never leaves me, means I am psychotic?

I’ve been believing in the Truman Show Delusion for the vast majority of the last 11 years. I can’t have been psychotic for 11 years.

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Truman show and They live(John Carpenter)were movies that made me psychotic but at the same time they gave me hope.don’t ask me why


Hope for what?

I was walking down the street seeing the “robotic faces” who were mind readers/aliens and signs of pyramids in common architectures, while psychotic. I was paranoid about drones with cameras aswell.

What a great and imo underrated movie.

Another movie that I went paranoid with a little bit is Rosemary´s Baby

Because I didn’t like the world and they showed that another reality was possible

Hola caracalla54 te escribo en español porque es mas facil para mi. Yo tuve mucha paranoia con los drones de fumigacion “chemtrails”,aqui en mi ciudad venian los militares de la empresa de drones a mi trabajo y me agregaron al facebook,decian que eran creadores de nubes. Se que eran militares porque contacte con una asociacion antifumigaciones e investigaron sus nombres.Efectivamente eran militares y fumigaban con drones.Me dijeron que dejara de denunciar el tema y me dejarian en paz.Todo esto creo en mi mania persecutoria y despues creia que todo el mundo era militar.Aun hoy,hay un militar que me sigue en facebook.En el hospital me dijeron que todo esto eran delirios.

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I would suggest you to block that soldier on your FB and don´t look back at them in some years. Assuming you are from Spain (los españoles somos lo suficientemente gilipollas para que esto no ocurra), this kind of things never happen.

I still have unanswered questions from my (first) psychotic break but I don´t look back at them 5 years later. Maybe one day you will laugh at that stories!

Are you still believing in the spy drones from the military? (Todavía crees en los drones militares?)

Yes,I will block the soldier on facebook but I would like to talk to him to know if it was true everything that was happening then.
Yes I believe in the military drones because of my experience

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Just block him, what did you think during psychosis they were doing to you… spying for a reason? It makes no sense we sz are boring people!

For what purpose do you think the drones are in the sky?

I thought they poison the sky and the population,they appear where I was,in the street,at bars…this made me really psychotic

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They called me crazy and tol me that I had to go to the doctor

After I was diagnosed with sz they left me but there’s one of them that keep following me in facebook

And nothing happened. If they poisoned us it should be immediately a mass death/illness of people.

They poison us with fast foods, chemicals and transgenic food enough they don´t need to do more.

I went to the police while psychotic to frustrate a cult that was dominating the world and they ignored me.

What does your psychologist say about this?

You need to see that if a secret government agency stops doing what they do just because you went to the doctor, they may not be real.

My therapist don’t want to know anything about my past delusions,she only wants to work abot present and future

Talking about the past is needed in therapy. You can change therapist if you want to…

Yes I’m thinking to change my therapist because of this

I love that movie, I agree it’s very underrated!

I’ve been a TSD sufferer for about 12yrs, it throws its hat into the ring with my other delusions every once in a while still. It’s been so bad that I changed my daily life over it, like I’ve been sure my hubby or parents knew what I’d been doing while they were gone (cause they’re all in on it/everyone knows everything), I’m STILL convinced I’ve been stopped leaving or moving away from my area, too scared to even pick a wedgie alone in my bedroom, etc. :joy: I’ve had to explain The Truman Show Delusion to a couple different docs who’d never heard of it called that.

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watching inception in 2010 ■■■■■■ me up in college. Made me start questioning my reality and thoughts.

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