The Eyes of the Heart

I haven’t read everything in this article just yet in depth.

Curious who all has read anything on this topic and can illuminate more about it.

Also, I should note that I don’t support everything from that website, but don’t find it makes this piece less credible because of that.

The heart having its own discrete nervous system is NOT supported by anything I learned before, during or after a doctoral program that included the complete (and exhausting) physiology of behavior. The enteric nervous system (see below) comes sort of close to what that website describes, but many of the assertions on that website do not square with evidence-based understanding at all.

You’re assuming that everything you’ve learned is 100% accurate then? This is also supposed to dissuade you because of a doctoral program? Also assuming that the current education system has a complete understanding of the world and everything in it? If it did then it’s information should not leave questions about everything unanswered, no?

Let me say this then: If these alleged Sciences that you’ve learned are so accurate then they would be able to answer many inexplicable things that have, and still do, occur today.

Also, it’s somewhat silly that you’ve reached this conclusion without actually having read everything in the article. And then go on to say that because a lot of the information on this site sounds like silly hoo-hoo Science then it’s all garbage?

Your reply is insulting of @notmoses. Why do you have to come on hard?


Contrarianism is expectable in certain circles. Those who were subjected to relentless narcissistic injury in childhood sometimes believe they must take issue with anything said by someone they believe to be “authoritarian” (like the abusive parent?) OR… I may have been completely wrong. (But I doubt it in this particular case, if not in many others.)

I support @notmoses too. He knows his stuff. You are new so slow down on the arguments. Nice to meet you.

I found it more insulting that someone didn’t read the entire article and reacted by implying that people are just mechanistic animals fueled solely by chemicals.

If you all believe this then let’s just kill each other and get it over with?

Sorry if it sounds extreme but I’ve never been one to conform to ideas that only suit someone’s narrow-minded view so they can live in ignorance.

And I do not spare anyone the rod of truth just to make friends. If my “misconduct” means I should be banned then so be it. I’ll gladly take these ideas to like-minded individuals. And here I was beginning to think that people we’re more open-minded here.

I didn’t read the article. I don’t care. I go by what my psychiatrist and therapist tell me is right.

Geez. Good luck with that around here. (Or anywhere.)

Just keep observing (perhaps without concluding too early on).

Hah. Which brings us back to…

Full. On. Whackdoodle.


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